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Dialogic Pedagogy

There is "no alibi in Being" — Bakhtin (1993)
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Establishing a new journal: “Dialogic Pedagogy: An International Online Journal”

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The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of all the steps and decisions that need to be made about construction of an international online peer-reviewed journal on Dialogic Pedagogy and to record finalized decisions by the Editorial Board (EB). The Editorial Board is self-appointed by talking the Straw Poll and volunteering on the dp-eb@googlegroups.com. 

Table of contents:

Areas of decision making:

  1. Title: “Dialogic Pedagogy: An International Online Journal” (decision has made)
  2. URL: http://dpj.pitt.edu (decision has made)
  3. Aims and Scope (decision has made)
  4. Genres, formats, styles (decision has made)
  5. Policies (decision has made)
  6. Peer reviewing process and procedures (decision has made)
  7. Journal Officers & Editorial Board (election has hold, decision has made to have a self-appointed international editorial board)
  8. Organizational structure, nomination, election, and decision making (decision has made)
  9. Resources, budget, funding: Donation, volunatary membership fees, conference fees (decision has made)
  10. Guidelines for Authors and Commentators (decision has made)
  11. Guidelines for Reviewers (decision has made)
  12. Guidelines for article/issue Managing Editors (decision has made) 


Please fund the online hosting of the Dialogic Pedagogy: An International Online Journal

Highly Appreciate Value: Any Amount equal or above $10.00! 
Suggested amount: $50
Desired amount: $100 and more

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Your total amount is : 0.00 (Currency: USD)

Optional membership in the professional Dialogic Pedagogy Society: $100.00

Your total amount is : 100.00 (Currency: USD)

Olimometer 2.52

Editorial Board voting results:

  1. Straw Poll Survey
  2. Title of the journal
  3. Title, Language, Aims & Scope
  4. Copyediting, Title qualifier, Hosting, Genres
  5. Policies and Guidelines for Reviewers
  6. Peer Review Policy, DP Decision Making, DP Org Structure
  7. Peer Reviewing Procedures, Quota, Guidelines for Authors, Nomination Procedures
  8. Nomination of the DPJ Officers
  9. Election of the DPJ Officers and Voting on Guidelines for Managing Editors
  10. Hosting, URL, and Privacy Statement

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