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Dialogic Pedagogy

There is "no alibi in Being" — Bakhtin (1993)
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Dialogic Pedagogy

avatar By: flag June 18, 2010, @ 20:28 Comments (2)

Diaped CommunityWelcome to the Dialogic Pedagogy site! The purpose of this site is to provide forums, idea-anchors, and maps for Dialogic Pedagogy. I refer to "anchors" as ideas abstracted from their dialogic and ontological immediacy and shape to be semi self-sustaining. I refer to "maps" as a reflection on connections between these anchors. So feel free to bring your baked and half-baked ideas as anchors by adding Articles, and discuss anchors by others through Comments.

The Dialogic Pedagogy site is designed for educational practitioners and educational researchers who are interested in dialogic pedagogy in whatever way they understand it. We do not need to agree with each other how we understand "dialogue" and "dialogic pedagogy" as far as we are interested in these notions in such and eager to listen, address, and reply to each other. We hope to create a community who tests ideas, supports innovations, and reflects on educational practices.

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June 18, 2010, @ 20:28 By: flag Comments (2)